Surfboard by Joni Sternbach. Featuring essay by Jamie Brisick, printed by die Keure, photos of the book by Charlie Sin. Named one of ten best books of 2020 by Smithsonian Magazine

Pleasure for all by Playboy, 2020, Designed at Public-Library, Featured on Brand Identity

Nike Rookie Diaries: Ja Morant, 2020, Designed at Public-Library

Stuck, 2020, Risograph, Photo by Charlie Sin

Self Made Man Man Made Self, 2013, Poster for Ursula Eagly

Uffff, 2018, Mixed Media Print, Photo by Charlie Sin

Dosist–Los Angeles, 2019, Design Direction with Daniel Bromberg at Imprint Projects

Frederick Fischer & Partners, Lecture Poster, 2017, Designed at Commonwealth Projects

Blue, Video Installation, 2014, Exhibited at Cranbrook Academy of Art

There Is No Perfect Wave, 2020, Digital Print

Pause II, 2020, Risograph + Silkscreen (Limited Edition), Photo by Charlie Sin

Young Architects Program 2013, Designed at MoMA Design Studio

Resting Place, 2020, Monoprints (Limited Edition), Photo by Charlie Sin

Ursula Eagly, 2020, Design Direction, Web Development by Maxim Safioulline

Hiding Place, 2014, Audio Installation

Alta Identity + Branding, 2018, Design Direction at Rapt Studio

2016 MFA Thesis Book, Designed at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Photos by Charlie Sin, Book bound by Laura Beyer

USC School of Architecture, 2018 Lecture Poster, Designed at Commonwealth Projects

Cut ’n’ Paste, 2013, Designed at MoMA Design Studio

Loja, 2015, 265 lbs horse chestnuts (collected at Cranbrook Academy of Art, drilled and assembled), Model–Kimmie Parker, Digital Archival Print, Photo by Harrison Moenich

Untitled, 2017, Digital Print

Piece with gaps for each other, 2016, Poster for Ursula Eagly

Off Of Me, 2020, Digital Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Metallic, Photo by Charlie Sin

Pause I, 2020, Risograph (Limited Edition) Poster installed by Other Type in Hamburg, Germany

Hahaha, 2015, pigment + paper, Photo by Harrison Moenich

Syncope, 2020, Pigment + Digital Print on Aluminium (Limited Edition), Photo by Charlie Sin